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Frequently Asked Questions

If I have light hair and would like to add some dimension, is bleaching required?

If you are happy with the current lightness, the root smudge technique will be able to add dimension and make regrowth seamless without bleach.

What is the difference between highlight and balayage?

Yes! We can use balayage techniques with high-lift colours to create dimension in one’s hair colour. However, this is best done on virgin-hair and not pre-coloured dark hair.

Can I perm my hair if I have done bleaching before?

Bleached hair is not ideal for a perm. Best to trim off the bleached ends and do mucota treatment to strengthen hair before a perm.

How often should I touch up my white hair?

It is ideal to touch up every 4 to 8 weeks. It all depends on the tolerance you have for your white hair. Many customers prefer to drag out the touch up period to reduce the exposure to hair colour. We suggest a light colour to make the contrast of white hair regrowth less stark. Also, some highlights will definitely help to create some dimension so that white hair regrowth is less harsh.

How often should I tone my hair colour?

Every shampoo will result in colour fading so it is important to use a colour protection shampoo and purple shampoo for bleached hair. We advise you to come back for basin toning of hair colour to keep bleached ends fresh.

How often should I cut my hair?

Every 6 to 8 weeks is ideal because hair regrowth may not be uniform and split ends may start happening at the ends so it is best to trim it regularly to keep everything in shape.

Is it happy working with your mum?

Pssssst. Visit us and you’ll know!

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